We offer unique and heart pounding skydive experiences and lessons throughout the whole of the UK with modern airfields.

The experts use top of the range aircraft and safety equipment in every skydive and parachute jump that we carry out across the country.

The skydiving experiences are great gifts for friends and family.


We cover the whole of the UK with airfields for exciting skydive experiences and parachute jumps.

Skydives include tandem skydives, charity skydives, parachute jumps and AFF courses.

If you're new to skydiving or someone wanting to go professional, then the experienced, BPA approved instructors will guide and supervise you during your safe and thrilling skydive experience.

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If you have a question, look no further. We post all common questions here.

Is their a skydiving location?

The BPA have numerous approved drop zones for a skydiving experience.

They're most likely approved skydiving locations which have good transportation links.

Contact us today for further information on your skydiving experience.

Can you talk during a skydive?

You can talk during your skydive but the sound of the air rushing past you, means you won't hear much!

To book your skydiving experience, simply fill in the skydiving enquiry form today.

Can my skydiving experience be filmed?

Yes this service is provided by the skydiving centres.

Each centre has its own camera team so prices vary accordingly.

What qualifications do the skydiving instructors have?

All instructors for skydiving have gained their qualifications from the BPA.

A tandem instructor must have an minimum of 800 jumps whilst an AFF instructor must have made 1000 jumps before they can take the BPA course to become an instructor.

The team are delighted to worked with the experienced skydiving instructors, many of which display team members or ex/serving members of the armed forces.

Skydive |

Skydive |

Experience exhilarating skydives and jumps

For the ultimate adrenaline seeking experience, there is nothing quite like skydiving which involves plummeting through the air under the forces of gravity whilst reaching speeds of up to 120 mph at around 10000-15000 feet!

The experience of free-falling through the air is something that just has to be done!

Skydiving airfields throughout the UK

We offer skydiving and parachute jumps at parachuting airfields throughout the UK so there is bound to one so you are never too far from a skydiving experience.

Skydives for groups, charity and more

The skydiving journey is a truly once in a lifetime experience... unless you decide that you want to come back for more, which may just happen as skydiving is one of the fastest growing outdoor extreme sports at the moment.

We are able to offer professional training to make you a worldwide approved skydiver!

Book a skydive online or request information

For further information on skydiving or to book your skydiving experience, simply contact the skydiving centres today by filling in the skydiving form.

They will send you an email with full information on skydiving.

Skydiving Experience

Expert organisers of skydiving courses and parachute jumps

We offer heart pumping, awe-inspiring skydiving experiences and static line parachute jumps throughout the whole of the UK with British Parachute Association (BPA) approved airfields accessible.

They aim to always deliver a memorable, exciting and 100% safe skydive experience from start to finish.

BPA approved instructors will provide you with expert tuition, supervision and skydiving equipment to ensure your skydiving experience follows the strictest health and safety regulations.

BPA approved parachuting airfields which are accessible with modern facilities.

Skydiving health and age restrictions

Skydiving does have minimal age and health requirements.

Please visit the skydiving services page for the following information:

• Health and age restrictions
• Insurance
• Group discounts
• What to expect in a skydive

Skydiving experiences

The skydiving centres can offer a variety of skydiving experiences which are suitable for all skill levels and needs of our customers. The most popular skydive option is the tandem skydive where the BPA instructor is strapped to you throughout the flight and who will control the parachute and path of the freefall.

For the more adventurous however the team are also able to offer skydiving courses so that you can skydive without a instructor by your side and throughout the world!

Static line parachute jumps from 3000 feet whilst being closely supervised by professional parachute instructors are also offered.

Regardless of your location be it the friendly team will aim to provide you with the best skydiving experience possible.

Looking for that extra special gift?

Skydiving is a great gift for friends, family and loved ones and weather permitting, skydiving can be performed throughout the year.

The team offer skydiving vouchers which are valid for 12 months at airfields. You can also specify the date of the jump or let the recipient choose. Skydiving vouchers can be extended or transferred to another person for a small fee.

Skydiving is an unique and exciting experience for individuals and groups. Whether you're a complete novice, or have skydived before, the friendly and helpful staff are here to help. Just check out the recent feedback from happy customers in the UK.

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For further information on skydiving or to book your skydiving experience today, simply fill in the form with your details. The friendly staff will contact you back shortly about skydiving locations.